Connect with your inner compass

Sometimes we can feel a bit stuck in life, heading off course or not able to see a clear path forward. Or we know where we want to be but struggle to find the energy and wellbeing we need for our journey. 

But within each of us is a deep inner knowing of what would help us thrive on our path through life, something that is longing to be heard.

Through a powerful blend of creative kinesiology, energy work and divination, I can help you access this inner guidance and discover what you need to…

  • Unlock vitality and wellbeing
  • Rediscover your true self
  • Align with your life’s path and purpose
  • Move beyond challenges and blocks
  • Find balance, healing and direction in life

Vic Jenkins

Creative Kinesiologist

I’m based in North Devon and work online with clients throughout the UK and around the world.

Because finding the right therapist is so important I’m always happy to arrange a free 15 minute phone call to see if the work I offer is what you’re looking for.

I’d love to hear from you…


“Whatever you think creative kinesiology will be like, it will surprise you”

The work has connected me really strongly to other ways of looking at life, and at the connection between energy and fulfilment. It has provided me with new ways of coping with the changes that life brings and a new insight into how to move forward through life.
personal session

“There is no right or wrong, just enquiry, journey and interpretation”

Vic has a gift of intuition and can gently use this to further enquire and find appropriate treatments to restore balance and energy. I felt at ease in her company and completely safe and unjudged - essential for an effective trusted therapeutic relationship.


Creative kinesiology

One hour personal session

An opportunity to work deeply one-to-one, to explore your needs and desires, blocks and barriers, and what gives purpose to your life.

Using kinesiology we track through the origins of issues and uncover what might help you find balance on all levels: physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

For those who want to connect with a deeper understanding of self and increase wellbeing and vitality.

Group explorations

Three hour-long group sessions

In a short series of sessions working in a small group, we use the powerful maps and tools of creative kinesiology to explore our energies individually and together as a group. 

Journeying energetically together over time can be highly supportive, lifting each and every participant into greater connection and healing.

For those who want to come together as a group, to heal and grow within the supportive power of community.

Divinatory guidance

One hour individual session

Working with the ancient and wise guidance of the I Ching, the ‘Book of Changes’, we explore a particular issue or decision that is on your mind.

The I Ching gives powerful insights and uncannily specific guidance on the energies of your situation, its hidden currents, and your best action to take in the circumstances. 

For those who want to find a clearer path through decisions and become more aligned with the flow of life.

Connect with me

I find creative kinesiology and divination fascinating, frequently magical and absolutely essential! 

I love talking about these brilliant tools and how they can lead us to a more connected, more meaningful, and more vital life. So I’m always open to chatting about what I offer and answering any questions you might have on what to expect in a session, making a booking, or how working with me might be just what you need. 

Get in touch

Phone : 07747 618772

Email : vic@yourinnercompass.co.uk

I have adopted a ‘calm inbox policy’ meaning I check my emails every 2 working days and aim to respond within 48 hours.